About Us

About Us

about tuihanacafe - About UsTuihana Cafe is all about those eateries, cafes and restaurants that you can enjoy, along with some event planning places, and venues for functions. We also cover information about catering and catering services.

The creator of this blog is Lilly Khan, a young woman whose job as a content editor has taught her a lot about a great many subjects, but her favourite has been eateries. Together with some of her family and friends, she has grown the blog into a team effort where everybody has something to add to what Lilly has learnt.

We set out to create a blog where we could talk about event planning and catering, along with everything that we all know about cafes and restaurants, our little advice corner. Eventually, we found that we were excelling with the information we shared and readers kept asking for more, and so the blog grew, the posts improved and more people joined in.

Slowly but surely Tuihana Cafe became the favourite website to check out before deciding on a restaurant, a venue, or even a catering service provider that fits their needs. The idea is to keep including more related information, have our readers making informed decisions and staying updated with the latest trends in food and events in general.

It is important, for us, to keep expanding and we have even thought of becoming caterers in the future. We are still learning the ropes, but we are confident that the team will be ready to undertake that challenge soon enough.