Event Planning Services

Event Planning Services

Event Planning Services - Event Planning Services

For Kiwis looking to plan an event or get a job at an event planning company, you have many options in New Zealand that you can access online. These are some of the sites that we have used to find the best venues and event planning companies available in our country.


This website is a wonderful source of information regarding the best venues that you can find in New Zealand, according to the event that you are hoping to use it for. The site’s searching feature allows you to find a venue by location, seating style, and capacity.

Moreover, it also has a blog where you can read useful advice on everything from security to event photography tips. And, to make it a well-rounded site, you can also find event suppliers such as caterers, photographers and even entertainment acts.


If you are looking to find a good restaurant for an event, you will benefit from checking out this website’s recommendations. They have a list of the best venues sorted by location, where you will find small reviews of the restaurants and their cuisine. Although this is one of their best features, they tell you what events you can enjoy, activities, and more.

Event Planner

Yet another excellent website to search and find every little thing that you might need to plan any kind of event. Event Planner is divided into categories and you can also search by city or region. Some of the categories are photos, entertainment, audiovisual lighting, cakes, and variety acts.

We strongly recommend all of these sites and you can also cross-reference their recommendations with what you can read about on our blog, to get a good outcome.