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You please me @tuihanacafe !! What a cool spot for a coffee & bite,,,fab! @LocalAuckland @AkdCafeCritics Cloak & Stiletto (@CloaknStiletto) via Twitter, February 2015.

Dear Tuihana. Happy Birthday. I hope this year will be even better year for you. The good coffee and good food is not the only reason we keep coming back. It is because we love your smiling and genuine faces. You care about people and you actually talk to us. We are sorry we couldn't be there yesterday but we will be there today :) Mustafa Hasanbulli via Facebook, February 2015.

The venue was really nice. I was expecting an old kiwiana vibe, but it was a clean, sleek modern café with a touch of kiwiana. It felt very warm and welcoming and was set out lovely. Corey Lupton, December 2014.

Highly recommend @tuihanacafe for private function. At meetup on Thurs. Delicious food. Good service, space, parking. Along good bus route Lin Nah (@lin_nah) via Twitter, November 2014.

I was surprised to see that many of the dishes included rewena bread, what a great nod to our cultural heritage. I had the chicken and bacon pie from the cabinet which was delectable apart from the unfortunate oversight of containing a wee chicken bone (!). My soy mocha, however, was superb. Sweet Mama M via Zomato, October 2014.

It was held at the Tuihana Cafe on Dominion Road in Mt Eden. It was a cool little space. The menu had a fairly good range and the drinks were excellent. I would say the hot chocolate I had was easily in my Top 3 best ever Hot Chocolate list. Katie Bell, October 2014.

I indulged in the mammoth breakfast and a sneaky bite of the corn fritters and have no complaints at all….actually one complaint is I got huge food envy from all the pancakes arriving at the table, they looked soooo good!!! One thing I do say is, the house made rewana bread is a must have before you can even consider calling yourself a kiwi. Real Life Auckland, October 2014.

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