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If you want to know more about what we have experienced and have a privileged insight into the particular services that we have worked with, you should subscribe to the blog. We have first-hand information on how the best caterers work, where the best venues are and offer some additional benefits for those that purchase one of these packages.


At only $5 a month, you can purchase this package that gives you access to a particular category of your choosing, which will be filled with tips, advice, and guides. You will also participate in monthly raffles for coupons and discount codes at some of the best venues in New Zealand.


This package costs $15 a month and gives you the same benefits as the basic package, along with access to all categories that you choose, notifications via email, and more. You can participate in contests to win prizes like dinners for two at the most exclusive restaurants and invitations to prestigious events in the country.


You can pay $70 a year or $20 a month for our best package, which includes the previously mentioned benefits along with additional ones. We offer you interviews with the CEO’s of the most important event planning companies in the country, both to look for a job and to learn from them. The raffles you participate in giving prizes like trips and job opportunities.

When you decide which package to buy, talk to us and we will reply with the step you have to follow to complete your purchase and start enjoying these benefits right away.